Top 5 Gold Investment Myths

Below are Top 5 Gold Investment Myths.

Myth #1: Buying Gold Jewellery is the best way to invest in Gold

If the intention is to invest in Gold then buying Gold jewellery is not a good choice. As jewellery price includes making charges, wastages; the actual Gold investment is less. Hence buying Gold Coin will be good choice if you want to buy Gold in physical form.

Myth #2: Investment in Gold requires Huge Money

  1. You can start SIP in Gold Mutual Funds with just Rs 500. So start small and when your income increases you can increase the SIP amount.

Myth #3: Negative return not possible in case of Investing in Gold

From last 5 years investing in Gold has given negative return. Prices of 10 grams Gold for last few years: 2012 – 31050, 2013-29600, 2014-28006, 2015-26343, 2016-28623, 2017-32000.

Myth #4: Only way to invest in Gold is physical form

  1. No, Gold ETF or Gold Mutual Fund is another way to invest in Gold online. This way you do not have to keep the Gold in physical form and you will not have to worry for the storage part.

Myth #5: Gold is overvalued

No, it is not true. No one can exactly say what the ideal value of Gold is; hence it is impossible to say whether Gold is overvalued or undervalued.

Summary: It is always recommended that you should invest 5-10% in Gold of your total investment portfolio.

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