Alpha Mind State for your important Financial Thoughts

Alpha Mind State is a state where our mind is relaxed and aware. While in this state we are able to use power of our subconscious mind. And hence we are more aware of everything, we are more creative and we are able to take better decisions. Meditation is a way through which we can reach Alpha Mind State. With the help of a trained instructor we can learn how to reach Alpha Mind State.

Interesting thing is unknowingly sometimes we go into Alpha Mind State even though we are fully awake. It happens when we are doing some tasks which does not demand much of our concentration/complete mind awareness.

For instance one of our friend loves to clean the dishes, according to him it helps him in two ways; one is his wife is happy that he is helping her and the other one is, since cleaning dishes does not require much of his brain hence while doing this he is able to solve many complex problems. Doing it he says, he is able to concentrate more; this is because not many thoughts go around due to his body and brain involvement in the cleaning task.

One more example is another friend of mine does ironing by himself. He feels, while doing ironing he comes up with many great ideas which he is able to apply in his life and gets really great results.

All the above are examples of Alpha State of Mind. Which means while doing some of our day to day work also we can go to this Alpha State of Mind and use the power of our subconscious mind.

Now some of you might be thinking that I also do similar kind of works but I never used my subconscious mind; why? The answer is, when you go to Alpha Mind State you should be very clear with your problems/goals of life. That means you should have thoughts coming to your mind during that Alpha Mind State which are really meaningful for you. As we discussed in our earlier article, if you have your Mental Index Card ready, you can have all your meaningful thoughts. We suggest you to go through our previous article to get more benefit of Alpha Mind State.

So what all activities you can do to go to Alpha Mind Set:

  • Meditation
  • Gardening
  • Listening to songs (recommend only musical instrumental such as “Bach Music Therapy”)
  • Any activity where you do not have to use your complete brain and you feel relax

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