Ultimate method to present your financial thoughts to yourself

“The ancestor to every action is a thought” – Ralph Waldo Eme

Our thoughts give results to action and action determines our success. As per the experts our mind gets 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. Which means around 4,500 thoughts per hour. In our daily life we might not give proper attention to these thoughts, as this is an automatic process. If we start giving attention, we will observe that most of these are useless and unimportant, which are going through our mind very fast. Sometimes due to these endless unimportant thoughts we feel tired and exhausted. Think if you could have less number of these useless thoughts, you could focus better and you could use your energy in meaningful tasks.

Imagine if we could present our financial thoughts in a meaningful way in our mind then there could be a wonder to our financial life. We would be in a better position to understand what exactly matters and then make a great plan.

In this article we will show you proven method which you can apply and work with your mind as a team to accomplish those financial goals which really matters to you. In the below given method we are going to create few Mental Index Cards. So let’s get started.

Step1: Create your first Mental Index Card which is “Introduction”. In this mental index card you are going to mention:

  • Who you are and what you are going to achieve from this method.
  • What are your most important financial goals (max 3 goals).

Step2: Create your second Mental Index Card which is “Your very first financial goal”. In this you are going to mention:

  • Quantify your goal and the time frame (when you want to achieve)
  • What all steps you have to take to achieve this goal
  • Who are the people involved in respect to this goal

Do this activity (step2) for all your financial goals which are mentioned in “Introduction” index card.

Step3: Create your next Mental Index Card which is “Conclusion”. In this you are going to mention:

  • What is your take away from this activity

Step 4: Create your last but not the least Mental Index Card which is “Review”. In this you are going to mention:

  • How frequently you are going to review all these above mental index cards – half yearly or yearly?
  • What all parameters you are going to check?

Now you have all your mental index cards ready and kept in your mind. Your job is to go through these mental index cards daily twice, when you wake-up and at the time when you go to bed. This will ensure all your points mentioned in your mental index cards are hard coded now in your mind.

With this “Mental Index Card” method the benefits you are going to get:

  • You have given your mind a clear direction on your very important financial goals.
  • Time to time your mind can refer all your mental index cards to be on the track.
  • Your mind will start producing thoughts which are relevant to your financial goals.
  • Your mind will constantly look for all information which is required to achieve your financial goals.
  • As your mind is very aware, it will be able to filter out important financial thoughts which are part of those 60,000 to 80,000 daily thoughts.

Let me elaborate this method with the below example.


  • I am a husband and father of one child.
  • With this method I would like to achieve my very important financial goal which is my child’s higher education fund.

Step2 Goal 1: My child’s higher education fund.

  • Higher education fund is required after 12 years.
  • Total money required at today’s rate is 10,00,000
  • I have to save and invest 10,000 each month
  • I and my wife are involved in this goal
  • Have to research on best colleges, how to get scholarships, how to get education loan(in-case)
  • Have to take insurance to cover the risk

Step3 Conclusion: Take away’s are

  • I have to be disciplined with the saving and investment
  • I have to educate myself more on personal finance


  • Will review these mental index cards every 6 months.

“Agar kisi cheez ko puri shiddat se chaho,,,toh puri kayanaat usse aapse milvane par majboor ho jaati hai” – One of ShahRukh Khan’s most popular dialogue, which is true and can be achieved with this Mental Index Card method.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. –  Norman Vincent Peale

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