New Experience – Voice Enabled Investing

Due to mobile phone penetration and good network availability, banking sector is now constantly working on innovative products for their customers. In this innovative journey they are working with Voice Assistance applications and coming with very interesting product/service in the banking and investing domain.

At present in the market popular Voice Assistance Applications are:

  • Google Assistance
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Apple’s Siri
  • Samsung’s Bixby
  • Microsoft’s Cortana

To give you what is going to be the future with voice assistance applications, let’s check what is vision of Google Assistance with Scott HuffmanVP, Engineering, Google Assistant (Published May 8, 2018) Source :

New voices:

One of the most important parts of the Assistant is its voice—it needs to feel both personal and natural. Starting today, you can choose from six new voices for your Google Assistant. And John Legend will lend his melodic tones to the Assistant later this year—who wouldn’t want him wishing us A Good Night?

Continued Conversation:

Soon you’ll be able to have a natural back-and-forth conversation without repeating “Hey Google” for each follow-up request. The Assistant will be able to understand when you’re talking to it versus someone else, and will respond accordingly.

Multiple Actions:

A key part of having a natural conversation is being able to ask about many things at once. With Multiple Actions, which is already starting to roll out, the Google Assistant will be able to understand more complex queries like “What’s the weather like in New York and in Austin?”

Pretty Please:

Assistant features for families—powered by Family Link—provides free family-friendly games, activities, and stories from content partners like Disney.

To get the benefits of Voice Assistance application, most of the reputed banking and investment companies are making innovative products/services which are compatible with popular Voice Assistance Application. For example, HDFC Securities has recently launched “Voice Enabled Investing”, which is compatible with Google Assistance and Amazon’s Alexa. You can ask your Voice Assistance

  • Ask HDFC Securities for investment options
  • Ask HDFC Securities for tax saving mutual funds
  • Ask HDFC Securities to recommend me some investment
  • Talk to HDFC Securities
  • Talk to HDFC Securities to invest in stocks

It will be interesting to see lot more innovative products/services in this banking and investing sector in the coming days, so stay tuned.

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